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The muskellunge (Esox masquinongy), additionally known as muskelunge, muscallonge, milliganong, or maskinonge (and also often abbreviated “muskie” or “musky”), is a species of big, relatively unusual freshwater fish belonging to North America. The muskellunge is the biggest participant of the pike family, Esocidae. The usual name comes from the Ojibwa word maashkinoozhe, implying “hideous pike”, by way of French masque allongé (changed from the Ojibwa word by people etymology), “elongated face.” The French common name is masquinongé or maskinongé.

muskieThe muskellunge is understood by a variety of unimportant names consisting of Ohio muskellunge, Great Lakes muskellunge, disallowed muskellunge, Ohio River pike, Allegheny River pike, jack pike, unspotted muskellunge and the Wisconsin muskellunge.


Muskellunge carefully resemble various other esocids such as the northern pike and American pickerel in both look and also actions. Like the north pike and other hostile pikes, the body plan is normal of ambush killers with a lengthened body, level head, as well as dorsal, pelvic and also rectal fins set far back on the body. Muskellunge are typically 28– 48 in (71– 122 cm) long and consider 15– 36 pound (6.8– 16.3 kg), though some have actually reached up to 6 ft (1.8 m) and virtually 70 pound (32 kg). A fish reported at 88 in (224 cm) as well as 110 lb (50 kg) reportedly caught around 1908 has been recognized as a hoax or legend. A fish with a weight of 61.25 lb (27.8 kg) was captured in November 2000 in Georgian Bay, Ontario. The fish are a light silver, brownish, or eco-friendly, with dark vertical stripes on the flank, which might have the tendency to separate into places. In some cases, markings may be lacking completely, specifically in fish from turbid waters. This remains in contrast to northern pike, which have dark bodies with light markings. A trustworthy method to distinguish both comparable types is by counting the sensory pores on the bottom of the mandible. A muskie will certainly have 7 or more per side, while the northern pike never has greater than 6. The lobes of the caudal (tail) fin in muskellunge involved a sharper point, while those of northern pike are a lot more typically rounded. In addition, unlike pike, muskies have no ranges on the reduced half of their opercula.


Muskellunge are discovered in oligotrophic and also mesotrophic lakes and also huge rivers from north Michigan, north Wisconsin, and north Minnesota with the Great Lakes area, north right into Canada, throughout a lot of the St Lawrence River drain, as well as northward throughout the top Mississippi valley, although the types likewise expands as far south as Chattanooga in the Tennessee River valley. Also, a tiny population is discovered in the Broad River in South Carolina. A number of North Georgia storage tanks additionally have healthy stocked populations of muskie. They are additionally found in the Red River water drainage of the Hudson Bay container. Muskie were presented to western Saint John River in the late 1960s as well as have actually now spread to many attaching rivers in north Maine.

They choose clear waters where they prowl along weed sides, rock outcrops, or various other frameworks to remainder. A fish creates 2 distinctive house variations in summertime: a shallow variety and also a deeper one. The superficial range is usually a lot smaller sized than the deeper variety as a result of superficial water home heating up. A muskie continually patrols the varieties searching for offered food in the ideal problems of water temperature level.


Anglers look for big muskies as trophies or for sport. The fish acquire remarkable swimming rates, yet are not particularly manoeuvrable. The highest-speed runs are usually rather brief, but they can be quite extreme. The muskie can likewise do headshaking in an attempt to free itself of a hook. Muskies are known for their toughness as well as for their propensity to jump from the water in stunning acrobatic displays. A challenging fish to capture, the muskie has actually been called “the fish of ten thousand casts”. Anglers tend to utilize smaller attractions in spring or during cold-front conditions and also larger attractions in autumn or the heat of summertime. The ordinary appeal is 7.9– 12 in (20– 30 centimeters) long, however much longer lures of 14– 26 in (36– 66 centimeters) are not unusual. Lot of times, live bait is utilized through “muskie minnows” or 8- to 12-in-long fish strung on treble hooks. Anglers in lots of areas are strongly urged to practice catch and also release when angling for muskellunge due to their reduced population. In places where muskie are not native, such as in Maine, anglers are urged not to launch the fish back right into the water because of their declared unfavorable influence on the populations of trout as well as other smaller sized fish species. One method for safeguarding this fish is called the figure, which is typically done as a muskie follows a cast up until the end of a fetch.