Atlantic Ocean

Along the Atlantic Coast, we’re working to safeguard a renowned region for people and also wild animals.

anglers-fishing-at-night-to-catch-fishGetting to from the south coastline of Florida to the northern idea of Maine and past, the Atlantic Coast is home to a variety of wildlife including whales, birds as well as sea turtles along with financially beneficial shellfish, lobsters, crabs and also fish.

From power manufacturing to commercial angling to shipping and also transport, countless American jobs depend upon the aquatic sources of the Atlantic Coast. These waters likewise give leisure value and, in several areas, social identification.

With numerous needs on the waters of the Atlantic Coast, problems usually occur between sea users– whether it’s ship pilots and also best whales aiming to make use of the exact same waters or anglers capturing fish quicker compared to they can duplicate.

That’s why Ocean Conservancy is working to support smart sea planning and also sustainable fishing methods that make certain all sea individuals have accessibility to healthy and balanced waters on the Atlantic Coast.


The whole time the Atlantic Coast, areas are facing ocean-use disputes: Ship pilots will certainly need to have the ability to browse securely as well as effectively amongst newly sited wind-farm developments. Fishermen and also lobstermen are wishing to safeguard key angling grounds as tidal power tasks move forward.

Making wise, balanced choices with thorough sea planning will assist the sea as well as Atlantic Coast areas grow. By paying attention to the requirements of all sea individuals, better options can be made regarding how to protect a prospering economy and also a healthy and balanced ocean.

Sea Conservancy advocates for smart sea preparing that integrates these key steps:

producing a sea atlas so that everybody can see what’s taking place in U.S. waters,
engaging all stakeholders in open forums as well as
encouraging those whose lives are most impacted by the sea to prepare for the future.

Healthy fisheries are critical to healthy areas and the ecological communities of the Atlantic Coast. Business fisheries create over $5 billion in sales every year from fish species caught in waters from Maine to North Carolina. Because area alone, the fish and shellfish market contributes over $10 billion in value to the local economic climate and also sustains 76,500 works.

The Atlantic Coast can only continuously give us with this bounty if we ensure that we do not take too many fish out of the water, leaving also couple of behind to replicate. Overfishing harms more than simply fish; it harms the community, coastal areas as well as economic situations that hinge on them.

Star Fishing Charters is working to shield the future of fish and also fishermen on the Atlantic Coast. Our partnerships with fishermen have actually caused brand-new plans that assist make fish abundant currently as well as into the future. Thanks to those initiatives, the catch by American fishermen has gotten to a 17-year high.

Help Ocean Conservancy guarantee that sea individuals have access to healthy Atlantic waters as well as lasting fisheries for generations to come.